Dr. Keva M. Bethel Ph.D, CMG

1935 – 2011

Dr. Keva Bethel began her professional life as a Spanish and French language teacher at the Government High School. She then became a lecturer of foreign languages at the then, College of The Bahamas – now University of The Bahamas. Having pursued an advanced degree in educational administration, she became Principal in 1982 and then the first President of the College in 1995, a position from which she retired in 1998. Nevertheless, she remained intimately involved in the life and development of the College up to the time of her passing.

Dr. Bethel was instrumental in the development of the Foundations’ scholarship programmes from their inception in 1984 and served as Chair of our Scholarship Screening Committee until 1999, when she joined our Board of Directors. In 2008, Dr. Bethel stepped down from the board to take the position of senior consultant and to chair the Foundations’ Education Committee.

“The Lyford Cay Foundations have traditionally been a very important part of the financial aid landscape for higher education in the country, and we are hoping to make that role even more meaningful. We want to make an even greater impact in the future, and on the people who need it most.” – Dr. Keva M. Bethel

Under her guidance, the Foundations revised our scholarship application criteria to place a greater emphasis on an applicant’s financial need, and began requiring that scholars contribute a minimum of 20 hours each year to volunteer projects and/or service organisations as a condition of having their award renewed.

Dr. Bethel was deeply committed to the advancement of education in our country. She served on and headed numerous committees formed to study and make recommendations to improve education at every level. She was intrepid and innovative in these tasks, which she undertook with great enthusiasm and generosity. Since her passing, the Dr. Keva Bethel Lecture Series was implemented by her children Edward and Nicolette. Each year, one guest lecturer speaks on a topic of interest at the University of The Bahamas campus, honouring Dr. Bethel’s spirit of shared knowledge. The main administrative building in the ‘A’ block is named in her honour.

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Harry C. Moore Sr., CBE