Application Process


There is no online application. Eligible students and their parents attend an application session. Read below to find out more.

Each year more than 500 students are eligible to apply, and we receive between 100-140 applications.
After a three-stage selection process, 18 girls and 18 boys are chosen to become FOCUS students.
Every applicant is notified on whether or not they are accepted into the programme.
Successful students begin FOCUS the summer after completing grade 4.


The recruitment and application process to become a FOCUS student is open to all Grade 4 students in public schools in the Northwest School District only.

Northwest District Schools are:

  • Eva Hilton Primary
  • Albury Sayle Primary
  • Gambier Primary
  • Woodcock Primary
  • T.G. Glover Primary
  • Stephen Dillet Primary

How to Apply

In class presentations by a FOCUS team member are made in November and January at each grade 4 class at each of the six schools.
Every grade 4 student in the district receives a letter outlining what FOCUS is and inviting parents to attend one of five application sessions. All sessions are held after work hours, including Saturdays to accommodate parents’ schedules.

At these sessions, applications are to be completed and submitted by parents and students.

Decision Making

There are three stages of screening.

  1. Review of applications to eliminate students who do not fit the greatest need profile.
  2. Interview of parent and student conducted by one third party and at least one FOCUS team member.
  3. Literacy evaluation.

Final decision communication is made to all students by May.


How Do I Apply For My Child to Be A FOCUS Student?

  • Your child must be in grade four.
  • Your child must attend one of the public schools in the northwest district:  Stephen Dillet, Woodcock, Albury Sayle, TG Glover, Eva Hilton, Gambier.
  • Your child will receive a presentation in his/her class in November or January.
  • You will receive a letter that goes home to parents.
  • You and your child will be required to attend one of 5 available application sessions.
  • You and your child will both complete an application form.
  • After submitting your application forms, you may be contacted by FOCUS for a follow-up meeting or interview.
  • You will receive a letter informing you of the final outcome of the application process.

How Are FOCUS Students Selected?

  • We make presentations to grade four students.
  • We write letters to all grade four students across 6 public schools in the northwest district.
  • We hold application sessions for students and parents.
  • We review parent and student application forms.
  • We hold follow-up meetings and interviews with parents and students.
  • Based on application data and in person assessment, we select 18 girls and 18 boys from the application pool who we evaluate can benefit the most from the opportunity of being a FOCUS student.


FOCUS is made possible by a talented group of team leaders and interns. Their passion and commitment make FOCUS a well-loved programme.

Each year, we contract up to 35 part-time staff. Opportunities are offered on a competitive basis at the beginning of each year. Invitations to join the team are made on merit, and assessment of those who are best suited to our culture – a high performing and highly collaborative environment.

We have a strong recruitment and partnership relationship with University of The Bahamas, however the FOCUS internship opportunity is not limited to only UB students.

What Makes a Good Intern?

You go with the flow. You can adapt when conditions are not perfect and make the best of any situation.

You make teamwork look easy and natural.

You freely share information, resources, skills, time and ideas with colleagues to achieve a goal. You do not hoard your talents, rather you enrich your team through sharing them.

You fulfil obligations you sign up for. You arrive on time and stay until work is completed.

You are a constant learner. You love learning new things and applying learning to your life and growth.

You are goal oriented and love achieving measurable gains towards an overall goal. Seeing tangible results makes you happy.

You are exuberant and transfer your positive energy to those around you.

You are creative and full of ideas which you are eager to share. You constantly seek to assess and improve standard processes and procedures.

You think about your thoughts and actions and how they contribute to or impede your individual success and the progress or regression of the collective.

You exude approachability and have genuine regard and affection for people, especially young people and children.


Applicants must be currently enrolled in any college/university at the undergraduate or graduate level.

How to Apply

Complete the online application form:

Deadline: September 30th

Decision Making

Applicants are first screened via telephone, and then select students are invited for in-person interviews. Interviews are conducted by a panel of key FOCUS team members.


How do I join the administrative support team?

Each year there are 1-2 part-time opportunities during school year and summer for Administrative Support.

Typically, these roles are filled from current Intern positions and/or the Intern applicant pool.

Complete intern application for consideration:

How do I join the FOCUS summer team as a Coach or Member of the Leadership Team?

Each year there are 8-10 roles on the Coaching and Leadership Team. We have maintained nearly 100% retention of these roles over the past 5 years. For more information email

During each summer and school year, we engage dozens of professionals and students alike who volunteer their time to support various areas of programming.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at, and you will be contacted with the best match for your interests and availability.