Application Process


We want each and every Bahamian to consider education after high-school as a path to success. #iwantmore

There are approximately 5,000 grade 11 public school students in The Bahamas. Every one of them is eligible to apply.

Note: Access to the internet is required. A tablet or computer are ideal but a phone may work.


Applicants must be in grade 11 in a public school in The Bahamas.

Application Process

  • All students who register are invited to complete an online application form and an assignment.
  • Round 1: 100 students are chosen to move forward. Students complete strengths and career assessments.
  • Round 2: 24 students are chosen to move forward. Students complete additional assignments.
  • Round 3: 12 students are chosen for interviews. Students are interviewed by an independent panel.
  • 6 Cutillas Scholars are chosen.

Decision Making

At each stage, various factors are taken into consideration including:

  • Family education background
  • Assessment results
  • Student wants to study a field available at local institutions
  • Completion of all assignments
  • Commitment to the programme and to completing college.


Students who register will receive:

  • Career Exploration and Information
  • Exploring education after high school
  • Resources to create your plan
  • Gifts and surprises


Note: Be sure to use an email that you check often. All communication from now on will be emailed.