“To say thank you is not enough. The Lyford Cay Foundations and their donors are agents of social changeā€¦. We are very grateful for the doors they have opened for young Bahamians.”

Cheryl Carey, Director, The College of The Bahamas Financial Aid Department

LCF Establishes Lady Turnquest Culinary Endowment

Friday June 17th, 2011

Mention the name Edith Louise Lady Turnquest, and for many people it stirs memories of a Bahamian who served her country with honour. But for the Turnquest family, the nostalgia is about a distinguished matriarch renowned for her social graces and whose love and passion for the culinary arts was legendary.

Now, through a gift from Lyford Cay Foundation, Inc. to The College of The Bahamas (COB), late Lady Turnquest’s love for exquisite cuisine will be memorialized in a special endowment to fund scholarships at The College.

Former LCF President Mr. Stuart W. Ray presented a $100,000 cheque to COB recently for the Edith Louise Lady Turnquest Culinary Endowment, which will fund scholarships for top tier, full time culinary students at The College’s Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute (CHMI).

“The Institute is the leading organisation in the Caribbean working to develop professionals in the hospitality industry and it plays an important role in the economic development of the country,” said Mr. Ray. “Unfortunately, it has been an area where there has been underinvestment in terms of the availability of financial aid for students. I hope that the establishment of this fund will mark the beginning of more scholarships in the culinary arts.”

College President Dr. Betsy V. Boze praised LCF’s legacy of supporting the advancement of education, especially through the philanthropy that has impacted the lives of many college students.

“We at The College of The Bahamas have been fortunate to have the support of the Lyford Cay Foundation in extending access to higher education to deserving Bahamians from all walks of life; Bahamians who have continued The College’s tradition of excellence and who have used their creativity, imagination and determination to help build a thriving and resilient nation,” she said.

The endowment allows for additional parties to contribute to the capital, increasing the potential for more scholarships to be funded. Lady Turnquest’s husband, former Governor-General and LCF Board member Sir Orville Turnquest, vowed to faithfully promote it and generate support for student scholarships in memory of his dear spouse.

“My wife loved the kitchen and she was a wonderful culinary artist. We shall see to it that the country knows about this endowment and keeps it alive,” he said.

After the announcement ceremony, participants enjoyed exquisite cakes, pastries and breads made by students at CHMI for the practical component of their final examinations.

Reporting courtesy of COB

Photos by Tim Aylen

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