“On behalf of the Boards and staff of the Lyford Cay Foundations I would like to express our deep gratitude to our donors, benefactors, volunteers and students who have provided us with such a strong base on which to build. You make us greatly optimistic about the future.” ”

Manuel J. Cutillas, Chairman

Lyford Cay Foundation Board

Jeffrey A. Everett
Vice Chair and Treasurer

Sarah A. Farrington
Vice Chair

Alexander Neave

E. Parker Neave
Assistant Secretary

Philippe Bonnefoy
Arthur F. Coady

Rudolph F. Crew
Norma T. Dana
Diana Delano

Lynn Holowesko
William T. Hunter, Jr.
Nancy Kelly

David W. Laughlin
Arthur D. Little
Yves Lourdin

Kylie A. Nottage
Stuart W. Ray

Betty A. Roberts
T. Brent Symonette


C. William D. Birchall
Loretta Anne Rogers


Dorothy Booth

Penelope Dauphinot
Gundel S. Dorrance
Sheila Hailey

Alexander M. Laughlin
Monique S. Moore

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