“The Foundations’ work is made possible thanks to you, our benefactors. We are grateful that you have thoughtfully chosen to direct your philanthropy to support our mission and, in turn, we perform our work with passion, diligence and integrity, seeking always to benefit those in our community who are most in need. ”

Lyford Cay Foundations’ Team

Lyford Cay Foundation Board

Basil P. Goulandris

Sarah A. Farrington
Vice Chair

Gregory A. Nihon
Vice Chair

Jeffrey A. Everett

John T. Crone, IV

Alexander Neave

E. Parker Neave
Assistant Secretary

Mr. Philippe Bonnefoy
Mr. Arthur F. Coady
Dr. Rudolph F. Crew
Mr. Frank J. Crothers
Mrs. Norma T. Dana
Mrs. Diana Delano
Mr. Ian D. Fair
Mrs. Alessandra J. G. Holowesko

Mrs. Lynn Holowesko
Mrs. Nancy Kelly
Mr. David W. Laughlin
Mrs. Patricia Thomson Leonard
Mr. Yves Lourdin
Mrs. Kylie A. Nottage
Mr. T. Brent Symonette
Mrs. Judith A. Whitehead


Mr. Robert Smith


Mrs. Dorothy Booth
Mrs. Penelope Dauphinot
Mrs. Gundel S. Dorrance
Mr. Peter G. Goulandris
Mrs. Sheila Hailey
Mr. Alexander M. Laughlin
Mr. Arthur D. Little
Mrs. Monique S. Moore
Sir Orville Turnquest

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