“As a recipient of the Foundation’s largesse, I cannot begin to express my personal gratitude for its contributions to my educational development and success. But I am also grateful to the Foundation for what it continues to do for my country.”

Scholarship recipient, Thea Rutherford (History, McGill University & Art Education Masters, Simon Fraser University)


Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Lyford Cay Foundation, Inc. and The Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation are privileged to assist Bahamians in reaching their full potential through education. We do this, in part, by offering post-secondary scholarships to qualified applicants for study internationally, either in technical and vocational fields, or at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Academic scholarships are available at undergraduate and graduate levels for study in fields most needed in The Bahamas. Technical training and vocational scholarships are directed primarily at Bahamians who wish to train or upgrade skills in areas where there is a need in the work force.

All applications are to be completed and submitted online.

The deadline for all applications is April 15.

Wondering if you may make it to the final round of consideration? Click here.