“As a recipient of the Foundation’s largesse, I cannot begin to express my personal gratitude for its contributions to my educational development and success. But I am also grateful to the Foundation for what it continues to do for my country.”

Scholarship recipient, Thea Rutherford (History, McGill University & Art Education Masters, Simon Fraser University)


The Lyford Cay Foundation, Inc. and The Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation provide partial scholarships to support Bahamian citizens pursuing higher education and technical training at approved institutions overseas and at The College of The Bahamas.

Academic scholarships are available at undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels. Technical training and vocational scholarships are directed primarily at Bahamians who wish to train or upgrade skills in areas where there is a shortage of well-qualified Bahamians in the work force. The course of study must be a minimum of six months.

Foundation scholarships are merit-based awards that recognize financial need. They are awarded not to the student but to the educational institution of choice, on the understanding that beneficiaries will return to The Bahamas to use the skills gained abroad for the enrichment of the country.

Scholarships are renewable through graduation, provided that a required standard of performance is maintained. Progress is monitored carefully through the regular submission of official transcripts from the schools concerned.

The competition for scholarships is intense and candidates are required to go through a rigorous application procedure and satisfy established criteria for selection. A student must have received a letter of acceptance from an approved college or university before his or her application is considered complete.

Independent, non-partisan Screening Committees comprised of prominent citizens in the fields of education, government and the private sector are responsible for making the final selections.